An interesting take on our flailing and failing political system

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Every time we vote for president, and by extension a "new administration," it's a vote for more government, more unions, more welfare, more waste, more bullshit, more excuses, more so-called jobs and industries for  more people who contribute nothing to our economy and our growth as a nation. This is a tragic flaw in our system. 

We don't have the option for voting against more destructive and bloated, out-of-control, self-serving, unproductive, cancerous, incompetent, expanding, dead-weight government. 

It's all a huge money-suck from those who produce to those who do not with massive political fortunes and dynasties being made in the process. 

As useless government balloons, they suck all the oxygen out of the air and destroy the productivity and freedom of the middle class and private sector in the process. 

There is nothing that cleans out the cesspool of government the way competition, reward and failure do in the private sector and in free enterprise. Yet they have limitless power to confiscate wealth from those who create and produce without impunity. Checks & Balances are all but gone. Our Constitution was our first line of defense against out of control government, and it has been trampled badly. 

The establishment GOP rapes us, then they get kicked out and the democrats supersize what the republicans do to us. The democrats are always a colossal failure. Then they get their collective ass kicked out so we can get BF'd by the republicans again on a bigger scale. 

The government has invaded all aspects of our lives. Everything they take over becomes a massive clusterfuck that only gets bigger. 

What's a brother to do? 

Ridiculous and obscene crony socialism schemes and bogus so-called "stimulus spending" for political money laundering and corrupt payback are certainly not an improvement on anything but more intensified dirty politics that is crushing us as a once great nation of free Americans. 

Our politicians are corrupt and our government lies to us. 

This problem of political greed and incompetence for anything but stealing more money will continue to grow exponentially until they collapse us as a viable economy and free nation.  

Have a nice day. 



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We will not return to the countless mistakes of the past
I will not relive the failures of the man I once was

Only through dedication will I destroy all preconception
No longer will I let myself be truly satisfied with the standard

We will not return to the countless mistakes of the past

Only through dedication will I destroy all preconception

Let this be
Be the day
Day of my
My declaration

Let this be the day of my declaration

Join me,
Walk with me

Shatter the bonds that tie us
To what we strive to never be

Join me,Walk with me



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< rant >

Reader Discretion is Advised. The following comments are rated-R (for you gotta be effin kidding me, that shit is Retarded)

Guess what I saw a few weeks ago in Walmart? (not anyone that should be on I was looking for a good place to checkout because it was government check day and that place gets packed, and I was fortunate enough to find one of those smaller lines where the people only had one more cart to pass through the checker. I noticed a lot of junk food was passing through... I'm gonna place it in list form to make it more dramatic. Mind you it was about feeding time for me so all these goodies were making me hungrier!

2 big bags of those individual chip baggies in multiple varieties
Well over 10 - 2 liter sodas
Bags and bags of fun sized candy bars
Trail mix
10 boxes of sugar loaded cereals
Little Debbie's galore

And that was just in their second cart!

I looked over at the other cart and saw that it wasn't much different...

I looked at the wife and said look at all that junk food!

And then it happened. My face must have been an interesting shade of burgundy as I turned and said to Reah a little louder than I would normally talk... "They are paying for all that shit with their Quest card? Is that what my fucking tax dollars are buying the less fortunates?"

So here is my new platform. Why aren't EBT cards limited to purchasing necessities like milk, eggs, fruit, meat etc., much in the same way as the old school food stamps? Why aren't my tax dollars being spent to assist those with basic necessities instead of two shopping carts full of junk food?

I know all about Quest cards (Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards for those of you who have never applied for government assistance), they are given to those who seemingly have fallen on hard times as a family and require not only the assistance of purchasing groceries, but monitary assistance as well. You are dolled out a certain amount of usable funds at the beginning of each month and a portion of that is cash benefits to help purchase things the card won't cover such as gas, electricity, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Now mind you, I have never had one myself... I know some people who legitimately were on hard times and had to use the assistance for a short period while they worked to improve their situation.

What I saw that day was infuriating and I'm sure it is happening like that all over. EBT cards are being abused in my humble opinion. If you are on hard times, I don't think you should be allowed to purchase junk. Those things are the types of things you should be giving as an occasional treat, not as a freakin meal! It really should be ok to smack idiots (although they did get a verbal smack that day). So now in this families case in particular, not only did we pay for that shit, but if they are eating that way we will eventually be paying their medical expenses in the future when they are morbidly obese with 4 comorbidities!

I don't even buy junk food like that for me, and I can afford it!

America is broken.

< /rant >

Fearmongering and class warfare.

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Here are a few things to think about...

How do you pay for mandatory health insurance if you don't have a job?
How can you land a job if businesses are being punished for making a profit?
If you snuff out the "wealthy", where will the money come from to start new businesses?
Where does the money come from to purchase services or goods manufactured by other businesses?
What will you and I do when all the "wealth" has been redistributed and gone forever?

The new beginning of class warfare is in it's infancy, but the flames are becoming increasingly fanned with each piece of un-needed legislation that is coming out of this Administration. I find it very interesting that instead of focusing completely on job creation through the first half of the current Presidential term, it was mired with health care overhaul. Now they want to create new jobs by working on America's infrastructure? FAIL. This should have been done two years ago.

America's roads and bridges have been in a state of decay for decades. How many new jobs could have been created if the failed stimulus funds had been redirected to build America back from the ground up? Did you know that the ASCE issued a report card for America's Infrastructure, assigning the nation's roads, bridges, water systems and other critical foundations a cumulative grade of D in January of 2009? Pretty terrible if you ask me. And we boast that we are the greatest nation in the world. It also reports that from 2007-2009 there was an increase of approximately 3000 dams that are high hazard, that is to say they pose immediate threat to human life should they fail.

I'm all for natural attrition, but servicing a dam doesn't necessarily take away from that important part of existence.

How many new construction jobs do you think could have been created if stimulus funds were directed to infrastructure to begin with? How many could have been retained? The numbers in their imaginative form are just as imaginative as Obama's have been throughout his presidency for job creation and retention. At the very least, we would have actual numbers instead of imaginary.

This is going to be completely off topic but it's my blog, and I can do what I wanna.

What do you think about welfare and other government assistance recipients being required to take an initial drug test and submit to immediate random drug testings to retain benefits? What about those recipients being required to work for those benefits, on a part time basis, cleaning up the streets, parks, etc? Twenty hours a week would still allow them ample time to look for a job before their benefits expire. And that brings up another point... Benefits should expire in shorter term. We are creating a welfare state by extending and increasing benefits to those who are legitimately on hard times, and the many, many more who are not. I bet you would see a tremendous amount of new people looking for work if you took their Wic cards and food stamps away from them. I certainly don't want to keep footing the bill for the freeloaders.

What will people do without government assistance? Try to become something? Work to better their situation? What about the woman with 8 illegitimate kids who keeps getting pregnant to increase her monthly check she gets from the government? When should the rest of us demand she lose her reproductive organs? (alright that is a bit extreme, but the pregnancy thing is something that happens) I don't want my tax dollars to go to her, or him, etc. One of you free loading sons of bitches is going to be on the receiving end of the grand I owe this year, and that upsets me tremendously.

You know what else infuriates me? Fearmongering.

We NEED health insurance for people who will DIE without it! If we don't provide health insurance for all, Prices will continue to INCREASE!
No nuclear power plants because they MIGHT melt down!
We CAN'T shut down the Dept. of Education because we won't be able to educate our youth!

The current administration wants you to fear your own success or potential for success. they don't want you to apply your skills to improving your own life, they wish to do it for you. they want you to fear the future if you make your own decisions and set your own direction in life... why is this? Simply because once you tap your potential by taking control of your own destiny, you will never fall for the idea that government can do a better job at managing your life and the future of your family better than you can manage them. You become, in a sense, dangerous to those who make their living off increasing your taxes, promoting class warfare, and limiting your opportunity for self-determination by convincing you that you are a victim of some masterful, yet evil plan for your destruction.

"Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem. From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?" -Ronald Reagan

I know who... no one.

Let's reduce the size of our overwhelming government and get back to increasing our role in managing the direction of our lives.

Until next time, refrain from smacking idiots.

Ramblings and other nonsensicles...

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Well well well... I woke up pretty motivated to blog today but when I finally found myself in the office, it was in the middle of a transformation. We have been working on giving the business office a face lift for a few months now. It has been a slow and arduous process for sure, but FINALLY it is coming to a close...

You know that any place can become cluttered when you ignore things for a few years? Well a few years had nothing on this mess. Granted, there is still one small corner that awaits a newly purchased and in route piece of furniture, but other than that this place looks 1000% better.

Let the smooth jazz play. Yes yes yes, keep on a rockin.
I am beginning the yearly quest to get to the UFC fan expo by booking rooms and searching for flights... the first year we went (for UFC 100) we stayed at a Westin resort near Planet Hollywood. If you ever find yourself looking at that place and wondering if it is a worthy resort to stay at, look at whatever else is in the list. That place says it is a 4 star resort, and I suppose that if you look at the list of what a hotel needs to actually be a 4 star, it is, but only by definition.

The place was a dump.

There were stains on the carpet, among other things that made me never want to stay there again. The ONLY plus side was how comfortable the beds were.

Last year we decided on a house. I had researched homes on because we had a group of us and in effort to save come cash between all of us, a home instead of hotel rooms was the only way to travel... I found a house about a mile from the strip with a pool, misting system, built in grill area, pool table, and most importantly 3 bedrooms. I quickly laid down the grand it was gonna cost for the stay and security deposit, and marked that off of my list of things to do. TWO days before we were to leave I found a message on my phone that mentioned that the house was un-rentable, they apologized, and they would issue me a refund... WTF! (Turns out that the people that were renting that week flooded the place and the owner was flying from Missouri to Vegas to assess the damages.)

That left me 48 hours to not only find a new place, but inevitably lay down some more cash to secure it (the refund ended up taking a month to get to me). Mind you that not only is there a UFC fight that weekend, but there is also Nascar, and the WSOP taking place so pretty much ALL of Vegas is booked solid. After looking at and e-mailing 49 different home owners in the area, I happened upon one that was just purchased to be a vacation home. the only problem was the place wasn't furnished yet. It wasn't scheduled to be furnished, but if they pulled a few strings they could get it done... then I got a call from someone whom I had spoken with earlier. He had a cancellation and could rent it to me!!! $1500.00 later it was mine.

Talk about lucky. Pool & Hot Tub, Check. Three Bedroom, Check. Pool Table, Check. Not a bad place.

The only issue was that it was in Summerlin. At least the trip was back on, albeit a few newly whitened hairs later.

But then...

We had to go out of our way to pick a few people up which turned a 6 hour trip into a 10 hour trip. (That sucked electric donkey bottoms)

This year we decided we are gonna get hotel rooms on the strip, so we can party Dirty Vegas Style without worrying about driving. On top of that we are gonna fly. Gonna be a stress free trip this year. (I hope)

I'm sure you will hear all about it via Facebook while I am there... Stay tuned. That is all I have for today.

Reaching into a computer and pulling out Olivia Wilde.

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Finally got to watch TRON Legacy last night... AWESOME. During the course of the movie I decided that Olivia Wilde was to me what Johnny Depp is to my wife. I went to bed wondering how I could shove my dad into a computer program, have him magically obtain the know-how to create a digital world on "The Grid", run into some issues with his likeness, and need me to come and assist so I too could bring back my very own Olivia Wilde to help me change the world. (I know what you're thinking... that sentence was a run on and I should use better grammar and sentence structure.)

There are some awesome words that when paired together need no further explanation. "All you can eat" and "Ribs", for example. Or "Dollar Pitchers" and "Until Midnight". "Not" and "Pregnant". I think "Olivia Wilde" and "In a bikini" pretty much sums up everythig you need to know here.

You may be right about my needing to use better grammar, but today I learned that I am automatically supposed to be a Pisces in lieu of an Aries. That kind of change has got me a little miffed. Nothing against you Pisces (introverted dorks) but I'm an Aries. I don't care what your freakin astrological sign says, I was born fire.

Enough about that. (I'm not a freakin Pisces)

Lucky thing for me (and you), is that with the Omnipotent power of the almighty Google, lowly schmucks like you and me can summon the powers of Google for whatever purpose we choose. Today I wished for Olivia Wilde and now I share her with you.

"Olivia Wilde" and "In Disney & IMAX 3d"
"Olivia Wilde" and "nothing"

Until next time...

Amazing Holidays...

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Since the beginning of mine and my wife's relationship, I have been doing my best to be creative with my gift giving and surprises. For the last four years it has been a rule not to get each other gifts on Christmas because we usually get whatever we want throughout the year. This season is designated for gift giving for our family and friends. I have never once complied with this rule, she has always.

I try to keep things interesting. Example:

When Reah and I began dating I stole her from some douche, and it just happened to be closing in on Valentine's Day. I had a HUGE bouquet of flowers delivered with a card that read "Just wait until Sam gets home and sees that you got flowers from someone else...", and to make it even more believable I stopped by a grocerie store on the way home from work and picked out a moderately wilted single white rose to give to her. I apologized for not being able to get her more, but I had been at work all day and was short on cash. It was fun to watch her squirm.

Reah is fascinated with Ireland. She loves anything to do with the Irish so I bought her some land there. We have yet to visit it.

Back to Christmas...

This year I was struggling because Reah has taken over our finances and therefor I have no way to sneak any purchases past her without her knowing immediately. I was talking with The Korean Dragon one day and she mentioned she was using Bill Me Later to sneak purchases, so I signed up for an account and made a purchase for a Notebook computer. Reah has wanted her own notebook pc since she was young, and we had almost purchased one for her previously but things came up... so every time that we stopped at stores i would make special effort to walk over to the laptops and play with them a bit while asking her if she liked this one etc. and telling her to figure out our finances so after Christmas is over we can get her one really quick. I brought this up for an entire month, at least twice a week, to keep the flames of laptop desire alive.

When the laptop came in the mail, I sent it home with my mother so she could get it wrapped for me, and to prevent any accedental discoveries of this gift. She promptly placed it under a community tree in the Carriage House as to lay in wait undetected while the time passed.

On Christmas Eve we were loading up the HUMMER to take gifts to my parents house to celebrate, as is our tradition, but I had to take care of the dog right before we drove over there so i was able to go back in and make sure the gifts were placed perfectly for our return home. Our celebration was tremendous {on a side note to all of you coffee lovers out there, the Keurig single k-cup coffee brewing system has got to be the best way that coffee can be brewed at home (thanks Terra & Tony)}, and in the midst of the gift giving, I was presented a suprise gift from my wife... A Freakin Kinect! I totally played it off like she got me. She was sooo pleased that she finally got me, and I didn't get her a gift. The joy on her face was only enhanced by her telling me over and over that "this is MY Christmas, I finally got you!". I called her a few names and acted like I was dissapointed that I didn't get her anything, I feel bad, and she tricked me, etc. etc. You should have seen her. EPIC!

So we drive home and she is still beaming and rubbing it in. We get home and head towards our favorite spot to discard of things that we are carrying, and she see's them. Three gifts sitting on the coffee table, waiting to be opened.

Reah "What are those?"
Me "This is who's Christmas?!?"
Reah (speechless)
Me (dancing around) "who got who?!?"

I proceeded to sit her down and hand her the gifts. She opened the first to find a sweet ass Samsung laptop. I had won again!

I love Christmas. I love finding the perfect gift for people, and I never shy away from silly prices when I find that perfect gift.

I already have her Birthday present picked out!