An interesting take on our flailing and failing political system

Posted: Monday, June 25, 2012 by King Matyas in

Every time we vote for president, and by extension a "new administration," it's a vote for more government, more unions, more welfare, more waste, more bullshit, more excuses, more so-called jobs and industries for  more people who contribute nothing to our economy and our growth as a nation. This is a tragic flaw in our system. 

We don't have the option for voting against more destructive and bloated, out-of-control, self-serving, unproductive, cancerous, incompetent, expanding, dead-weight government. 

It's all a huge money-suck from those who produce to those who do not with massive political fortunes and dynasties being made in the process. 

As useless government balloons, they suck all the oxygen out of the air and destroy the productivity and freedom of the middle class and private sector in the process. 

There is nothing that cleans out the cesspool of government the way competition, reward and failure do in the private sector and in free enterprise. Yet they have limitless power to confiscate wealth from those who create and produce without impunity. Checks & Balances are all but gone. Our Constitution was our first line of defense against out of control government, and it has been trampled badly. 

The establishment GOP rapes us, then they get kicked out and the democrats supersize what the republicans do to us. The democrats are always a colossal failure. Then they get their collective ass kicked out so we can get BF'd by the republicans again on a bigger scale. 

The government has invaded all aspects of our lives. Everything they take over becomes a massive clusterfuck that only gets bigger. 

What's a brother to do? 

Ridiculous and obscene crony socialism schemes and bogus so-called "stimulus spending" for political money laundering and corrupt payback are certainly not an improvement on anything but more intensified dirty politics that is crushing us as a once great nation of free Americans. 

Our politicians are corrupt and our government lies to us. 

This problem of political greed and incompetence for anything but stealing more money will continue to grow exponentially until they collapse us as a viable economy and free nation.  

Have a nice day.